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Governors Faubus, Clinton, White, Bumpers, and Pryor in front of the Old State House Museum.

The Road from Conway to Clinton: Biographies of Arkansas's Governors

The saga of Arkansas governors provides an overview of our state's history, much of it associated with the Old State House. It is in honor of that legacy that the Museum offers these biographies of the governors of Arkansas. We hope they prove a valuable resource for the students and citizens of our state.

    Antebellum Arkansas, 1836-1860
    Civil War & Reconstruction, 1860-1874
    The "Redeemers," 1874-1893
    The Progressive Era, 1893-1921
    The 1920s and 1930s, 1921-1941
    From the Forties to Faubus, 1941-1966
    The New South, 1966-1996

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