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Diagram & Recipe

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Diagram of a Still
How to Make Moonshine

  1. Furnace surrounds the Core to retain heat
  2. Burner Tank holds pressurized air to fan fire
  3. Core with Burner Arm supplies the flame
  4. Still where the "mash" ferments and is heated to above 170° (hot enough to evaporate the alcohol, but not boil water)
  5. Cap is removed to add the mash and placed on during cooking to funnel the steam.
  6. Horse's Head carries the steam out of the Cap to the Thump Keg
  7. Thump Keg runs the steam through water to remove impurities
  8. Worm Connection carries the steam to the Worm
  9. Worm is made of copper coils where steam is further cooled by water
  10. Cold Water Source
  11. Flakestand containing cold water to cool the Worm and condense the steam
  12. Catch Can where whiskey collects. One-gallon Mason jars are preferred.
75 lb. plain white corn meal
300 lb. sugar
1 lb. yeast
Optional flavoring
300 gallons of water

This recipe should yield 48 gallons of "white lightning" or so-called "bald face" whiskey, were it not a crime to do so under the laws of the State of Arkansas and the United States of America. Some connoisseurs prefer a mixture with more corn meal and less sugar

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