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Combined 8th & 19th Regiments Arkansas Volunteer Infantry

The 8th and 19th Arkansas Infantry Regiments were consolidated after the battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and fought with the 1st Arkansas under Cleburne at Chickamauga. Their flag is another example of the 1864 issue of Hardee flags. This was produced and decorated specifically for the combined unit, displaying battle honors of each. The 19th saw action in Arkansas at Elk Horn and and Arkansas Post, while the 8th earned the crossed cannon at Chickamauga. The poorly dyed blue field, now faded to pea green, is typical of the 1864 flags. When it was captured at Jonesboro, Georgia, on 1 September 1864, the flag was identified as that of an artillery battery. The honor of crossed cannon, as well as the unit's position supporting Key's Battery, caused the confused attribution.

Hardee Battle flag pattern, Cleburne's Division 1864 issue
Cotton with black and white paint, 35" x 34 1/2" remaining
War Department Capture Number 206

Old State House Museum


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