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8th Regiment Arkansas Volunteer Infantry

The 8th Arkansas Infantry Regiment served in Cleburne's division during the Tullahoma campaign, as did the 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment. A circle of ten stars appears in this flag, elaborated by an "A" superimposed over the central and eleventh star. Presumably, the star outside the circle represents Missouri, admitted in August, 1861 by the Provisional Congress. The flag was presented to the unit raised in Jacksonport by William Patterson in the summer of 1861. Ladies of the town distinguished the flag with gold embroidered chain stitch, "March on! March on! All hearts resolved on victory or death." This flag was most likely retired when flags in the Hardee pattern were issued to the Army of Central Kentucky in early 1862.

First Confederate National Flag pattern variation
Cotton, red wool, red silk fringe and gold embroidery, 21" x 39"

Old State House Museum

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