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Museum Loan Boxes

Arkansas & the U.S. Mexican War
In 1846, Arkansas sent volunteer soldiers to fight in the U.S.-Mexican War. Among other things, this understudied conflict resulted in doubling the size of the United States and providing a training ground for many of the men who would go on to fight each other in the American Civil War. The Mexican War loan box contains reproduction clothing; U.S. and Mexican military uniforms, accoutrements and battle flags; and related books and media information.

Civil War in Arkansas Loan Box
From battlefield preservation groups and national historic sites to reenactments and epic movies, the American Civil War proves to be one of the most popular subjects in U.S. history. Used within the classroom, the Civil War in Arkansas loan box serves as an educational lesson with activities or simply as an accompaniment to an existing curriculum. The box contains reproduction items that include women's clothing and accessories, Union and Confederate uniforms, military paraphernalia, periodicals and various means of entertainment. Students are sure to be intrigued as they discover clever gadgets and gear made by the resourceful soldier such as the "housewife" and the "haversack."

19th Century Clothing Loan Box
What kind of clothes did the Victorian Arkansan wear? Were dresses copied from the covers of French couture magazines or simply modified family hand-me-downs? Were men's lapels large or small, or not at all? The Victorian Clothing loan box details a century of fashion styles (both men's and women's) and etiquette, spanning from 1800 to 1900. Whether a 'leg-of-mutton' blouse, a corset or a hat stretcher, children of all ages will delight in the beautiful reproduction clothing and gasp in astonishment at some of the 'unusual' functions of these garments.

19th Century Pastimes
Long before the days of MP3s, high tech video games or chatting on the Internet, youthful Arkansans developed their own entertainment means. Although many of the most popular toys or items of amusement were often those of simplistic design and concept, they were enjoyable nevertheless. Centuries later, today's kids can experience the same fun as a youngster growing up in the 19th century while playing games such as ring toss, beanbag throw or spin tops. Victorian board games and ball-in-cup were also just as fun for adults as children and can still be found in many toy stores!

Wilderness Sampler
It is a wild, lawless land; the furthermost fringes of a fledgling republic. Extraordinary animals such as the bear, mountain lion, beaver and fox, plus towering trees and jungle-like forests of lush vegetation paint a breathtaking landscape. Lining the banks of many of the raging rivers are groups of many people: aboriginal cultures, foreign traders and trappers, and perhaps determined frontiersmen. If you are imagining some faraway country, think again. This fierce, untamed land was Territorial Arkansas! Discover our state's early history through reproduction artifacts and items in our Wilderness Sampler loan box. From animal pelts to Native American trading goods and pioneer tools, students and adults alike will marvel at this cache of territorial curiosities!

Loan Box Rules:
  1. Boxes must be reserved in advance, first come first served.
  2. Boxes must be picked up and returned in person.
  3. Teachers in central Arkansas may check out boxes for one week.
  4. Teachers outside central Arkansas may keep boxes for up to two weeks.
  5. School districts and Arkansas Educational Cooperatives may arrange to borrow boxes for extended periods and rotate them throughout their districts.
  6. Schools or Cooperatives who return boxes with damaged or lost items are responsible for replacement costs and may lose their borrowing privileges.