School Bus Fund

Teachers, you can apply for the Old State House Museum's School Bus Fund Mini-Grant and let us help you pay for your students’ field trip to the Old State House Museum in Little Rock!

Today, many students outside Little Rock have never visited Arkansas’s FIRST state capitol. The Old State House Museum’s first director, Agnes Loewer, wanted every student in Arkansas to visit this building.

The Old State House Museum is the original state capitol of Arkansas. Since 1833, when construction began, the building and its grounds have witnessed many significant events in Arkansas history, including the admission of Arkansas to the Union, a fatal knife fight between two sitting legislators, legislative votes to secede from the United States and join the Confederacy, the Separate Coach debates, pioneering medical research into hookworm and malaria, and two acceptance speeches by the president of the United States.


Field trips to the museum will expose students to Arkansas’s exciting past and inspire a lifelong love of learning and state pride. Students who visit the museum will be able to:

  • Stand where a U.S. President stood
  • See gowns worn by Arkansas’s first ladies
  • Take a seat in the 1836 House of Representatives Chamber
  • Explore top-notch exhibits
  • Experience living history characters
  • Make a connection with Arkansas history through one of our educational programs

Although admission to the museum and associated outreach programs are free, we recognize there are costs associated with bringing students to the Old State House Museum. Through the generosity of the Old State House Museum Associates and the 1836 Club/Friends of the Old State House Museum, we are able to offer funding for schools to visit the Old State House Museum during the 2016-2017 school year.

The application is short and simple, and grant funds may be used for mileage reimbursement, costs associated with bus driver(s) fees/use of bus and substitute teacher(s).

Call 501.324.8641 or email Georganne Sisco for more information or to request an Old State House Museum School Bus Fund application. Let us help your students experience Arkansas history at the Old State House Museum!